I'm a former academic who enjoys working both on location and in post production. I began my career 5 years ago as a non-union DIT before I built my own colour suite and taught myself colour correction. I worked at Technicolor for three years as a key support technician for their colourists and editors. I have since returned to freelance as a colourist, DIT, and post-production supervisor.

Over the span of my career I've worked on various features, shorts, and commercials in both Toronto and Halifax.

Special Skills:
-Advanced experience with both DaVinci Resolve and AutoDesk Lustre.
-Advanced knowledge of workflows, codecs, and compatibilities between NLE software and their operating systems.
-Advanced experience troubleshooting hardware and software issues for Resolve, Lustre, Final Cut, Premiere & AVID.
-Intermediate experience with building Mac and Windows systems.




Digital Image Technician

3-5 Years


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