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1st Camera Assistant


10+ Years

I started telling stories as a kid by drawing out scenes, on the back of used paper that my parents would have otherwise thrown out. That resulted in essentially what a comic book and a storyboard would look like, if combined. Then I picked up a camera for the first time in my first year of high school, and honestly never knew being a filmmaker was an actual job I could do. Beautiful motion picture, moving soundtracks, and mesmerizing stories was what I knew I loved. So when I graduated high school, I started shooting producing films. I shot multiple commercials, promotional content, and films in the past 10 years. My short film won multiple awards and made it to CBC's Short Film Face Off, a televised short film competition, with 9 finalists in Canada. I've worked on the feature film The Tiger Hunter (streaming now on Netflix), shot multiple limited series and short documentaries, along with a handful of independent films that have made the rounds at festivals all over North America.

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