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Please read the following information carefully before applying as a crew member.
These titles are for head of department or key technical roles with credible experience outside of post-secondary education. Below are the qualifications and responsibilities required of each position. Apply accordingly.


FIRST CAMERA ASSISTANT is the focus puller that maintains the sharpness of the image. Runs the camera department in all aspects from gear to people management.

SECOND CAMERA ASSISTANT oversees and maintains all technical support gear from organizing lenses to building camera gear to running the slate.

DIGITAL IMAGE TECHNICIAN wrangles and duplicates all the data on set. Responsible for ensuring all footage is available and organized for the post production team.


GAFFER is the head of the lighting department responsible for
 pre-production and production planning needed to achieve the Cinematographer's desired image. Manages the lighting crew setting up lights and running cables. 

ELECTRIC responsible for setting up lights and laying the required feet of cable in an orderly manner. Assists Gaffer in executing daily lighting plans.

KEY GRIP supervises the grip department on a film set, providing all support for lights and camera on set. The Best Boy assists the Key Grip in running the grip department by managing the crew, placing gear orders and keeping track of equipment. Specify in qualifications section if necessary.

GRIP Sets up any necessary gear required such as lighting stands or speciality rigging for the camera or lighting departments.


EDITOR cuts together the footage, working closely with the Director to create a storyline based on the script and images captured.

COLOURIST processes and grades every image shot by the Cinematographer to achieve the desired hues and contrast. 

VFX ARTIST creates visual images integrated into a film using computer programming. VFX Supervisors ensure any required VFX shot is executed as needed while managing the VFX budget, schedule and expectations. Specify in qualifications section of application. 

POST AUDIO creates, designs and mixes all audio or sound effects in a film. Foley Artists record sound effects or textures, Sound Designer creates the soundscape and the Mixer provides the final theatrical sound mix.Specify in qualifications section of application. 

COMPOSER creates the score for a motion picture through writing, revising and recording music.


PRODUCTION DESIGNER responsible for the overall visual look of the production including colours, themes and compositions. Manages the art budget and department staff.

ART DIRECTOR oversees the creation and maintenance of any necessary production design plans involved on the set.

PROPS MASTER responsible for the sourcing, creating, care, use and continuity of all props from furniture to plants to weapons. 

ART CONSTRUCTION responsible for ordering all construction materials, scheduling workers and supervising the actual building of the sets. Certified women in any construction role can apply. Please clarify specific skills in the qualification section.

ILLUSTRATION includes Storyboard, Graphic or Concept Artists. Please clarify specific skills in the qualification section.



SOUND MIXER responsible for capturing all dialogue and provide a rough mix for the picture edit. If there is now dedicated head of department the Mixer usually manages sound equipment and team.


BOOM OPERATOR holds the boom microphone to record the dialogue or sounds during a film shoot. Works with Sound Mixer to capture required audio.



AERIAL pilots a camera on an UAV with a ground-based controller to capture images from the sky. Certified and registered drone pilots only.

STEADICAM operator maneuvers a steadicam unit that allows the camera to move freely with stabilization for smooth looking shots.

VIRTUAL REALITY works within a 3D space and augmented reality to create 360 visual environments through animation or film.

COSTUME DESIGNER manages all costume based decisions on a film set including design, sketching and creating the wardrobe of each character on screen. 

SPECIAL FX MAKE-UP skilled in the process of using prosthetics and advanced cosmetic techniques for camera. For health and safety concerns applicants must be certified practitioners.

UNDERWATER footage captured by a certified scuba diver with safety requirements to operate equipment in the water.

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